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Our clinic fees

Dental Service Prices

This chart is for example comparison purposes ONLY. Fees are subject to change. Each patient’s total cost of care will vary, and your provider will advise you on the best procedures for your needs.

Treatment Types Botsogo (P) Bomaid (P) Bpomas (P) Pula (P) Cash (P)
Covid Rapid Test (Results In 45mins) 40 20 150
Treatment Types Cash (P)
Head and Scan 300
Spine And Pelvis 300
Exremities - Upper 300
Extermities - Lower 300
Chest 300
Special Procedures 1200
Ultrasound 400
Acute Abdomen 300
Treatment Types Bomaid(P) Bpomas(P) Pula(P) Cash(P)
Consultation 35.00 32.00 36.00 300.00
Scan 41.00 43.00 45.00 400.00
Treatment Types Amount (P)
Cash Consultation 200.00
Medical Aid 10% 45.00
Treatment Types Amount(P)
Cash Consultation 300.00
Medical Aid 10% Normally Free
Treatment Types Amount(P)
Cash Consultation 280.00
Medical Aid first vist 50
Medical Aid subsequent vist 45
Botsogo Medical Aid Free
Gym Services 30.00/m and 150.00 for senior citizens

* All prices below are given in BW Pula

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